June 15, 2008

cause it's Father's day and mine is the best one around

***note: Luke thinks my dad hung the moon. He will be happy and content in my arms until he sees Pop-Pop and then it's over. He loves my dad the best of all of us and lights up like a Christmas tree the moment my dad walks into the room. It's really quite adorable.

I just don't want to forget to say a big, huge "thanks for being my poppa" to my Dad. He's the best. Just last night, he called me to talk and let me know that the golf US Open was on (ps. Tiger was on fire and I would have missed it! Thanks, Daddy). I, of course, had no idea cause I've been living in a "hole" for the last 2 weeks. So I happily turned it on and we chatted about Tiger and Phil. He told me that he was praying for me as camp starts tomorrow. We talked for a couple minutes and then said goodbye. Simple, yet so very much my dad.

He's not big in to acts of grandeur, but he's amazing at the little moments. The hugs and smiles and acts of service. He funny and always tries to make us laugh. He loves to travel with us and see the world. He's hardworking (worked at the same job for almost 30 years!) and one of those people that is just good at anything he tries. He can fix anything. I still think all boys should be able to re-wire a house and put in a new toilet or hang drywall or fix a car 'cause my dad can. He loves kids and still works in AWANA's even though his kids have been done for about 10 years. He sings in the choir at church and has served in a bazillion other positions there. He is such a kind, gentle, humble man, and I am beyond blessed to have been granted the privilege to have been raised by him.

I love you, Pops and I'm so blessed to be your daughter. Happy Father's Day! Wish I was at home watching the Open with you!

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