June 04, 2008

And it begins

For the next 10 weeks.
80 people serving together with one purpose: to see kids come to know Jesus.
Lots of sun time.
Lots of HOT & HUMID days.
Kids laughter being heard all over the property.
Belly flops in the pool.
Quiet moments amidst the craziness.
Unbelievable sunsets.
Crazy storms.
Boats on the water.
Glue/paint/glitter covered hands.
Taking lots of pictures.
Making new friends.
Begging God to get me through another day.
Seeing Him do things that can't be explained in earthly terms.
Singing praise and worship with 100 kids. LOUDLY!
Seeing us as a staff be used up for the Kingdom.
Eating on the staff porch.
Laughing. Lots of laughing.
Flashlight beams dancing across the grass covered fields.
Being humbled at God using me here for yet another summer.
Pulling the banana boat behind the boat.
Hearing the kids scream with delight as they fly across the water.
Seeing Jesus.

Oh, and Snack Shop. Can't forget Snack Shop! Complete with a brand new slushy machine.


Katie's Story said...

Oh, I wish we were there! Your post made me miss camp so much! We'll definitely have to come and visit soon! I hope this summer is the best yet and that your staff is amazing (which I know they will be). Eat some snack shop for me!

Anonymous said...

i wish i were there:( right now i'm leading games and lifeguarding alone at our tetnas pool...its actually not too bad. i miss you all soooo much!

Audrey said...

Can I send you my 3 for the summer? LOL :) Have a great camp!