June 10, 2008

"I'd be so happy I could..melt!"

***name those song lyrics.

Dude, it's hotter than Zach Braff lately.
(fyi: ZB is off the charts hot in my book. Personal preference, yes I know. I can't help it.)

Today, was a scorcher. Being in the direct sun for 3 hours didn't help either. And the freakin' humidity. It's like being wrapped up over the top of your head down to you toes in a wet blanket while you walk around all day. You would think I would be used to it by now, but, alas, it is still miserable when it gets to the 97 degree mark and then humidity on top of that.

But enough about the weather.

Things are good.
Life is beyond busy.
There are 30 things to finish before Sunday aka D-day.
Our staff is amazing.
They are troopers in this heat.

I will share more if I get some free time. But then again I did get Young Riders in my Netflix envelope today. I don't know if I can choose between the blog or the them. I was IN LOVE with them (especially Jimmy and Buck) when I was younger. My sister and I taped each episode and re-watched them way too many times. So, I may take my free hour and watch that instead of spinning a tale for you. Just being honest.

night...night, friends.


Katie's Story said...

Young Riders, huh?- AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching season 1 last night!! I had to buy the DVD when it came out!