June 03, 2008

beware the horror

Trying to catch some pictures of the three of us on my sister's last night in town last week.

Ever have one of those days when you can't take a decent picture?

Since I can't bear having horrible pictures of me being the first thing you see when you open Cottage Girl, I'll start with the best of the bunch. Just look at these "winners."

Exhibit A:
Somewhat decent. Luke looks adorable, of course.

Exhibit B:
Uh-oh. Am I looking directly into the sun? What in the world?

Exhibit C:
I was trying my hardest to keep my eyes wide open. This is all I got. Deer in the headlights

Beware the following horrors.....I warned you.

Exhibit D:
I just love Luke's face.
He LOVES the bro.
Again, surface of the sun? I have no explanation.

Exhibit E:
My sis took about 5 pictures of the 2 of us. They all looked like this. Dork.

Exhibit F:
I have no words. My head is turned and still.....

Exhibit H:
Dear, Lord, please make her stop! I can't bear it!

The end.
No more.
That's it.
Stop laughing.
I can hear you.


RaCeQu said...

I'll be honest... I did laugh at the last two.

P.S.--- I'm now a blogger! Not as fun and interesting as yours though.

Katie's Story said...

I love that you posted these. I don't know what was going on with your eyes that day, but it's funny to see the pictures. I showed Luke and he was all smiles!