June 16, 2008

Day #1: completed

First full day of camp: completed.

There were lots of little bumps along the way as the new staff gets used to the way things go, and the old staff remembers the way things go.
We had a rip-roaring thunderstorm that swept through during the end of our pool time and didn't finish till about 7:00. The temperature has been perfect, and now it's almost cool outside (praises be!).

It's been so fun to see the campers again....the ones that come back every year and get a little taller during the school months.

I miss some of our staff that didn't return this year. There is a hole where they used to be.

Praise and worship was fun and loud.

The cameras came in for the photography class that I will begin teaching next week. SO EXCITED about that! I can't wait to see what the kids come up with.

Snack Shop was fun as usual. It's THE place to see everyone in the evening. I love that I can stay out till late in the evening with something to do and lots of people to be around.

We would still love all of your prayers as we plug through. We just really want God to be evident to the kids.

In other news:
Tiger won the US Open. So awesome!
I got a new pillow yesterday and man, oh man, is it a miracle. Something so small that makes sleep so wonderful!
I got so much done on Saturday. I feel a little caught up with the craziness of trying to have a "life" while camp is going on. You know, things like cleaning my house and making birthday cards and making phones calls.
I ordered this CD and this CD and this book on Amazon this weekend.

Night all!


RaCeQu said...

i MISS it... so much.

Praying for you all, even though my heart is a little jealous.

Tiffany said...

hey...catching up on your blog since i was there for two weeks!! i was wondering how your pillow was! glad you like it!!