June 25, 2008

forever young, it appears....

Last week, I was on the phone with a mom who was interested in sending her child to our camp. She was asking me all the normal questions like "what activities do you have, what do the kids eat, what time do they go to bed, what type of buildings do they sleep in" yadee, yada, ya.... Then she said:

"Now are YOU a camper or do you work there?"

"Well, yes, we do let campers answer the phones, mam. Kinda crazy that they are so profession isn't it? They know every thing about this camp so we just rotate them through the office as an activity to answer the phones all day. Who needs to pay someone when we have free help! Tell your camper to read up on our camp before she comes because we may have him/her in the office the week they come."

No, I didn't say that. I believe I laughed out loud and said:

"No, I'm a little too old to be a camper" in a tone as polite as I could muster without laughing hysterically.

I do understand that I sound young. I do. I know I look it too cause I still get carded going to the movies. But as for sounding 14 yrs old?!! That seems like a bit of a stretch, doesn't it? Doesn't it?!

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