June 06, 2008

Friday Finds

Was reminded how freakin' cool this movie is when I watched a bit of it during my lunch break this week. The colors, oh the colors. And the soundtrack and the shots. It's soooo good. This scene is perfect example (w/ Tony Scott's commentary). I want to jump in a swim around in those colors. I can't imagine seeing that in my head and then seeing it come to life.

I'm signing up for this. I will MAKE time to be inspired. And if you have never read Hula Seventy before, you are missing out.

These made me sigh with happiness. And this made gasp at the coolness of them. Oooo, I love them. She is my photog hero.

I'll take 3 of these beauties for my living room, please.

The wonder, the hilarity, the uniqueness. I haven't watched it in forever, but I still l-o-v-e it. This one is one of my favorites.

Still praying and reading along. My heart still breaks for them. Love the page that they put up about Maria on Shaohannah's Hope.

Been listening to Caleb Chapman lately. I heard him live when he was in his dad's band during his This Moment tour. He sang a song or two from his CD.

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