June 11, 2008

it's like being being a kid all over again

When Shay-Shay and I sat down to watch it, it was like stepping back in a time machine. You know those things that instantly make you feel like a kid again? A smell, a song, a TV show. Well, I was back in my parents basement glued to our old TV with a tape in the VCR and the red "record" light on. Next to the TV was a record player with our collection of children's records that were about to be put away forever. We would be too old for Mickey Mouse Club (the original), Black Beauty, Strawberry Shortcake and Lady and the Tramp. I could see my crazy hairspray infused bangs, my sister's as well. We were wearing our tragically horrid 80's outfits probably with big flowers or neon colors. My brother was in a neon dinosaur outfit (shorts and matching top) my mom had made him. Our dog (my beloved) Lady, a strawberry blond cocker spaniel was curled up on the floor at our feet. We were fighting for space on our gold/yellow 1980's couch with a granny squared afghan my mom made. My parents were upstairs doing something in the kitchen yelling down at us during commercial breaks to brush our teeth and get ready for bed. My bed was either a bunk bed with my sister or I had just moved into my very own room complete with a white metal daybed with gold bedknobs.

I can see it all so vividly. So many years ago. Do you ever have memory triggers like that?
I love it. Memories so real that you could swear you were back there again. How in the world are the three of us now college graduates/married (well, one of us)/adults? Isn't the bro still 8 years old with his bowl haircut and Lego's? I wish I could go back just for a little while....

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