June 08, 2008

Listen up

It's been a while since I've posted about music, so I thought I send along some things I've been enjoying.

Now, I do admit that I know just about nothing when it comes to music. And by nothing I mean I haven't listened to the radio in about 2 years. I don't know what's "cool" and what's not. I have no idea what is on the top 10 at the moment. I get all my music from other people (fellow bloggers, the bro, friends, TV shows). My tastes are all over the place, too.

Here we go: (I'll do my best to put a link so you can hear it too.)

Bear McCreary
Great googly-moogly. I still am not tired of his stuff. Friday night's episode "The Hub" was just another prime example of the wonder he creates. He did a continuation of my favorite piece of his "Roslin and Adama." He talks about it here. I admit to putting that track on repeat at least 3 times every time I listen to it. BSG Season 2 and Season 3 are my faves.

I always love him, but his music is so haunting as of late. His latest album especially. He has been and continues to be one of most incredible ways that God speaks to me. His songs are like little mini sermons. The one that I've been thinking about the most lately is "What Now" (video is not his. just the song). It's Maria's story, but so much more. What will I do when I find Him?

I found them on the blog of one of my favorite photographers. Ordering their album tonight. I've listened to them about 50 times (on repeat) on myspace music. I LOVE their style.

Nick Drake
Just tonight. "Pink Moon" is so perfect. His voice is so haunting.

Can't wait for the new album this week. They are one of those "I can listen to every song on each CD without skipping any." The new one seems a little different. Fix You is my fave.

"Inside Out"
We sing this song at church. Love the words. It's been on repeat lately.

Cary Brothers

Random find from Zach Braff. Seen Cary live twice. He's fabulous. "Ride" is my fave.

Caleb Chapman
I think he's got some of that talent his dad has. Like these songs lots.

Owl City
The bro just introduced me to them. Darn catchy isn't it?!

I always listen to tunes on my Zune. I do love, love, love it. It was by far, my favorite and most valuable purchase in the last 6 months. Just throwing that little pro-mo out there for it!


Anonymous said...

Cary is great. But not so random is the find-- Zach and him were college roommates. Nepotism at its finest- who cares? Nick Drake is so amazing. If you like Nick you'll like AM and his song Endings Are Beginings is my fave with close second Stepping STone and third Hear Me Sing with the adorable Buddy duet. Owls my fav....

cottage girl said...

Extra bonus points to "anonymous" for knowing the Brothers/Braff connection! Zach also directed the video for "Ride" which is super cool.

Anonymous said...

You should setup your Zune Social account so you can share what you have been listening too with everyone. You can find mine at http://social.zune.net/member/timgolden