June 07, 2008


A couple weekends ago, when my sister was in town and I was staying at my parents, me, my sis and mom and Luke went yard sale hunting. I found this gem (along with 4 other awesome scarves for $1 a piece). It was a little pricey for a yard sale, but was in pretty good shape, so I decided to go ahead and get it. I've been looking for an old camera so I could do some ttv's (through the viewfinder) with my D50.

To do a ttv, you have to build a tube so that you can shoot through the viewfinder of the old camera with your digital camera. This way, you don't have to find the expensive/outdated film to shoot with the camera. Genius, no?! I heard about it on the photography wonder: Flickr.

Here's the camera I got at the yard sale. Made in the 50's, I believe. All plastic except that this model has a glass lens, which is super cool. The glass and mirror were in good shape still. I had to take it apart to re-glue the mirror to the base of the camera, but other than that it was a great find.

I finally finished the tube tonight (no pictures, sorry) and closed up all the light leaks. I ran outside to catch the last of the light (at 8pm! love those long summer days). The mosquitoes are absolutely unbearable because of all the rain we had last month, so I only lasted about 10 minutes. But here are a couple of my favorites:

I think it's so cool how the vignette and the dust and scratches give it so much character. I can't wait to get some shots of people with this thing. After seeing these shots (scroll down to see the ttv's) I just have to try it.


Gina said...

SOOOOO COOL!!! I would love it if you would let our family be people guinea pigs.

kellymccaleb said...

oh my gosh, that wins the prize for the best find EVER!!!