June 30, 2008

camp wedding

This weekend, one of the girls in my camp family (the handful of us that live on the property year round) got married. She had an absolutely lovely ceremony on camp's front wall, as we like to call it. It was HOT, but so bright and sunny outside after our gulley-washer storms the day before.
I think it hit me on Thursday that not only is she getting married, but moving away from us. That makes me so sad. The goodbyes are never easy when someone feels like family. But I AM so very happy and excited for her whole new chapter of life she is embarking on.

Here's a couple shots I got:

An adorable little attendant who was trying out my sunglasses.

Her mom and dad. I went to their wedding a couple years ago. I kinda love them....a lot.

2 more camp family friends. I went to their wedding just one year ago. We are church buddies. They go out to eat with me and the bro after church every Sunday. It's a tradition I LOVE cause they are so much fun to be around.

And then there are these two girls. I haven't been to either one of their weddings.

And my favorite one of the day. PW's actions are magic on this one!

Congrats, Carlye. I'll miss you so much!


Gina said...

I love the captions!

Anonymous said...

incredible pictures. Can you do Jake and Maddy's wedding? I'm sure Jen will agree.


Anonymous said...

Thank you April,
These are the first I've been able to see of the wedding. I love them both...... If you don't mind I'd like to copy them. It was good to see you, although briefly. I may call camp every now and then just to hear your sunny voice.God Bless you.... Sue, Carlyes momma