December 31, 2008

music of my year

First of all....the bro was kind enough to show me my major typo. I am NOT yet 32. Sheesh. I have to hold on to 31 as long as I can.

Second, we are having super high winds today, which means the power has already been out for over an hour today. Thankfully it's back on at the moment. I'm writing this now praying we will have it for the rest of the night! It gets freakin' cold here in the cottage with no power.

Lastly, I've been working on a couple posts about my favorite things in entertainment (TV, books, "movies" is coming tomorrow) this year. This one is music. Hope you find something new to love!

My top 10 albums/songs of 2008. You know the drill...may not have come out in '08, but I found it then.

Coldplay Viva la Vida (delightfully different than their previous stuff, however I've loved all their stuff)

Sigur Ros Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust (it's pure Sigur Ros and just beautiful)

Patrick Park Something Pretty
(my favorite song of the year)

Death Cab for Cutie Lack of Color
(my second favorite song of the year)

Meiko Meiko (found out about her when I saw her on the Hotel Cafe tour in March. Cool voice)

Seabear The Ghost that Carried Us Away (mellow and dreamy)

Beck Modern Guilt (funky and strange and perfect)

Enchanted Soundtrack That's How you Know (just because it makes me smile)

Jeremy Larson Salvation Club (#1 of the year for me. This is a "must listen from beginning to end" CD for me. My favorite is #2 Wintersong. I LOVE this one!) the bro informed me this morning and I was unfortunate to find out myself, read this. If the power goes out, I'm stuck in silent world. Weird that it happened to everyone, huh?!

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