December 30, 2008

she's all mine

(it looks like this)

I can't even believe it.

Seriously? A almost-brand-new-car that's mine? I've never owned such a wonder.

So much of the credit goes to my parents. They spent their entire day yesterday haggling, dealing, driving, waiting and going above and beyond what most parents ever do for their child, not to mention their 32 year old single, oldest child who still hasn't given them a grandchild. I can't say thank enough, guys. That word seems so inadequate.

Being a single girl who works in ministry, I had many disadvantages against me, I really believe that the Lord had this one waiting for me though. And the fact that it happened so quickly and perfectly helped me see the Lord's hand in it. Such a big investment, but I'm so excited to have a car that I can actually depend on.

Yippee for new cars!

And yipppeeee for new bikes, which was my Christmas present from my parents. Yes, I'm old and I got a bike for Christmas and I'm ridiculously excited about it!

Transportation rules this Christmas in Cottage Girl world!


Anonymous said...

32? I thought you were 31.

tp said...

yayyyyyyyy! i am so excited for you!!

Audrey said...

Good for you! I was over the moon when I got my new mini van (hahahaha) this year! What kind of ride is it???

Anonymous said...

may this be the start of many wonderful journeys! Happy 2009!

cottage girl said...

Thanks everyone!

Audrey, it's a Nissan Versa. Small with great gas mileage.