November 04, 2008

Why Indonesia is dear to my heart

This face. Searching through the sea of children on Compassion's website 6 years ago, this was the one that captured my heart. That and she said she loved to play "group games," which was my job at camp at the time. Her little smile did me in, and I checked the box and asked to be her sponsor. This is Teresia.

She lives in Indonesia. She has a mom and dad. I originally wanted an orphan 'cause, well, you all know how I have a soft spot in my heart for orphans. But this little one was meant for me. Jesus spoke her name in my heart.

A few year ago, I got this picture of her family. See how she's grown?!

I still study this picture for every detail I can get. Her dad in his socks. Her mom in probably her best outfit. Her little brother in sandals and a scared look in his eyes. And her hand protectively over his shoulder. I think, since this was taken, her mother had another baby, or at least that's what it her letters implied.

This is my most recent photo of her. She's now 14 years old. Doesn't that face just melt your heart?!
In her last letter, she said that she is praying for me (which she always says) and it makes me choke back the tears each time. This girl, who has a life I could never imagine, prays for ME?! I'm humbled each time I read that. She also went on a fun trip with her church. She asks about my nephew (which I told her about in a letter). Oh, my gosh, these letters are just the most amazing thing.

Compassion is incredible. I'm so glad that the Lord impressed upon my heart and let me "meet" Teresia. She brings such joy to my life and puts a face on the poverty of this world. Her story is one that is still being written. And HOPEFULLY, Jesus will shine a little brighter in Indonesia because she was introduced to Him through Compassion.

Here's a link to children from Indonesia that need sponsors. (or from other countries) I warn you, those little faces will make you weep. They are little pictures of Jesus asking us to "do unto the least of these." I wish I could sponsor all of them...

If you sponsor a child, I'd love to hear about them!


Diana said...

I've sponsored a girl named Mollen from Unganda since I was a freshman in college - I think I did the math right(13 yrs.) It was such a blessing to get her letters and to see her grow up. At first they were translated and then I noticed a different hand writing and realized she was now writing to me herself. That was really neat. She just graduated out of the program about 8 months ago. Unfortunately we decided not to continue contact after she got out of the program. It was a hard decision, but had some reasons why. Now we have a new girl from Brazil named Ana Carolina. Which reminds me that I need to write her. Compassion is a wonderful organization and I've saw a special on tv one time that praised how well they operate.

cottage girl said...

so cool, Di! thanks for sharing!