October 20, 2009


I read Harry Potter with a British accent in my head.

Gossip Girl. Yes, Gossip Girl. It's my weakness. And I'm kinda embarrassed to admit it. Thanks a lot, baby brother.

I dream about buying vintage clothes (and just clothes in general) all the time, but feel incredibly guilty and can't actually purchase them, especially after I read this blog.

I got some lovely, yummy mail from a blog friend. A proper thank you note is on the way, friend!

I never seen the following movies: Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, any of The Godfather's, any John Wayne movie or Can't Buy Me Love.

Got a bunch of crafty ideas floating around in my head at this present moment. It's wonderful!

I never listen to the radio and have no idea what is popular at the moment.

I teach myself almost every craft I know how to do. I'm a terrible student, so it takes me forever to "get it."

I went to the library yesterday and got only children's novels: Swiss Family Robinson, Matilda and Out of the Dust.

I think Ender's Shadow was better than Ender's Game. (Thanks, Kirsten!)

I enjoy writing this blog way too much.

Cottage Girl


Allison Drew said...

- gossip girl - yes!
- Oh no! You should really REALLY watch breakfast club. I've never seen a John Wayne movie either.
- I read children's novels all the time.

jessica said...

-I've had this novel stuck in my head lately. You've inspired me to get around to reading it :) It was a favorite for me as a kid.


-I'm LOVING your trip pictures and dreaming of the day I make it to Portland. It's number 1 on my travel list right now.

Anonymous said...

one thing girl...people need clothes. It's ok to buy some. :)

cottage girl said...

Allison..I WILL try Breakfast Club. So glad you enjoy some Chuck Bass too!

Jess...I want to do Portland so badly! It was on the agenda this trip, but I didn't make it. Boo-hoo.

Val...ok, since you said so.

Kaley said...

True story- almost related a fact from HP at bible study on monday.
Also, Breakfast Club is a stupid movie.