October 24, 2009

I may have done a little shopping today

While I was in the fitting room, I heard this conversation...

"I can't believe these clothes. They are so weird."

"I know!"

"They are supposed to be from some big designer. She designs clothes for that show about those up-iddy kids in NY. What's it called? Oh, Gossip Girl."

"I've never seen it."

"I watched part of it once and it was painful. It made my eyes hurt it was so bad. So stupid."

All this going on while I was trying on clothes from that exact designer and secretly thinking "I feel kinda like Serena Van Der Woodsen in this." Ok, not really, but I was trying on the clothes and was secretly arguing with these women about the addiction of Chuck Bass and his ultimate coolness.

It was one of those dangerous days when everything you try on fits perfectly and looks fantastic. You know what I mean. Thankfully it was just Target. My budget can handle some new clothes from Target. Anthropologie...not so much.


RaCeQu said...

such a beautiful dress; glad you went for it!

Allison Drew said...

Oh wow! That dress looks so cute on you! You found that at target?! I need to go shopping...