October 18, 2009

Mt. Rainier is a beauty

When I got on the plane to go to Seattle, I had no idea that I would get to go here. The Bro had told me that we would only get to see each other for just a few days because he had to his new job at Sundance. Boo-hoo and woo-hoo at the same time because it was freakin' Sundance and I was so excited for him!

But at least I would see him for a few days. Then when he picked me up at the airport, he told me plans had changed and he had a few extra days to chill in the Seattle area. We did the city and Alki (my fave!) and then were pondering what to do next. I suggested Mt. Rainier because it's so beautiful and the weather was seriously perfect. The hike is incredible and one of my very favorites. There were places to camp for really cheap. Plus, it's only about 2 hours from the city. So we decided to go for it.

I hadn't packed any clothes for hiking 5 miles through snow and rocks, but who cares. I slid on my crappy tennis shoes and jeans and started the hike. Straight uphill for about a mile. It's a tough hike, but not really "hard." Just a lot of uphill trudging. The views are totally worth it though, don't you think?

We decided to go for the gold and do the big 5 mile circle which takes you to these sweeping views. Since it was so clear, we could see a few of the other Cascade Volcanoes: Mount St. Helens, Mt. Adams and a hint of Mt. Hood (all in Oregon). Amazingly clear! Just the day before, in the same spot, we couldn't even see Mt. Rainier which was right in front of us because of the clouds. So cool to be there on such a perfect day.

I really love hiking. Not that I'm great at it or anything. I huff and puff and take a bunch of breaks, but I love the feeling of just being outside surrounded by nothing but nature. And it's so humbling to think of the beauty that God gives us just because He loves us. We could be on a planet with no colors or mountains or waterfalls. But He chose to give us beauty and the imagination to wonder at it. Hiking is always a spiritual experience for me. Verses in Psalms always run though my mind. I'm so blessed to be loved by a God who surrounds be with beauty.

ps...my friend's hubby hiked to the tippy-top of Mt. Rainier just 2 weekends before we went there. His story was incredible. Hiking in the dark to avoid the warm weather which creates avalanches. Freezing temps. Going straight uphill for hours. Crazy!

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jessica said...

Aww yay! What a great photo!

Sundance? Lucky him ;) I've been finding a lot of great shows on the Sundance channel lately. They're connected, right?

So glad you had a great time!