October 22, 2009

hotdog & hip-hop

While on our drive up, up, up into the mountains, we stopped here to eat lunch. PB&J on the mountains side. Does it get any better than that?

Oh, wait....then we had hotdogs cooked over a campfire.
Yes, that is about as good as it gets.
Now I want a campfire hotdog, pronto.

In other news, I'm going to a hip-hop dance competition tomorrow night. Let's just say I'm a little over the top excited about it. My friend, my partner in crime this past summer, is the head of her school's team. They are competing with a bunch of other colleges. It's going to be cra-zy!
ps...What does one wear to a hip-hop competition at a college? I don't know these things. I'm old and all of my clothes are from about 4 years ago. But at least I still look like I'm 18. Whew.


Allison Drew said...

Hip hop dance competition?! What?! That is amazing. You should take a video of this...

Nick and Kaley said...

You wear what you would normally wear. Denim.

Don't wear hammer pants.

Joge said...

my friend hip hop friend says, a pair of jeans, some cute boots and a shirt --more than a t-shirt and less than a blouse. Maybe a down vest too. oh and layer up.
have fun! I'm jealous :)

Anonymous said...

love all your pictures from your trip

cottage girl said...

Thanks everyone! Your advice shaped my perfect clothing choices.