October 17, 2009

a few thoughts and a really cool photo

It has been raining here (home) non-stop since the day I came home. Rain, cold, clouds. Sounds like I should be in Seattle, but no. It was sunny and perfect there. Always is when I go. I think the whole "it's so rainy in Seattle" thing is a myth.

This is another photo from Mt. Rainier. We did a short "hike" the first day we went to the mountain. The clouds had rolled in and blocked the actual peak from our view. We came back the next day and it looked like this (see above) the entire time we hiked. Cool, cloud free and beautiful. I've done this hike a few times now and still think it is the most beautiful ones ever, ever, ever. It's awe inspiring to say the least. And pictures don't do it justice.

Working this weekend. It's still so tough to get up in the morning. You would think 3 hr jet-lag wouldn't be bad, right? I usually don't really get jet-lag when I go somewhere. It's when I come home that it kills me. I tried to cure it today by taking a nap while on a break. We'll see how it works tonight.

Watched Garden State again this afternoon/evening. It's a perfect rainy day movie. Scratch that...it's a perfect ANY day movie. I think (though it's so hard to pick just one) that it is my favorite of all. I want to re-watch it as soon as the credits roll at the end. Every time. Love, love, love the whole feel of it. How random it is. The beautiful shots and composition. And of course the star/director.

Night, all!

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tp said...

this photo- WOW