October 15, 2009

I would like a camp site in Middle Earth, please.

One of the nights that I stayed with my brother and his BFF, we stayed at Mt. Rainier National Park's Cougar Rock campground. It was seriously no frills camping for this girl. And by no frills I mean no hot water, no showers, no heated bathhouses. It was chilly that night. Around 40 degrees. Yes, I was cold.

However, it had the most amazing trees and views. Wait till you see a photo of our campsite. It was like living in Middle Earth or Jurassic Park. When I woke up in the morning and headed to the bathhouse I looked up and saw this and instantly ran back to the car to get my camera. The sun shining through the trees...awe, pure awe. There is something about the Pacific Northwest that is just breathtaking. I never get tired of visiting.

I have so many stories to tell about my trip. SO MANY! I'll do my best to keep them coming. And the photos....oh, boy. It could take months if I only posted one a day. But I promise not to bore you for that long!


Allison Drew said...

Oh wow. That is crazy beautiful. I think I would be okay with the 40 degree weather. You can only camp like 3 or 4 months out of the year in Florida or you run the risk of a heat stroke. My dad went camping last week and it was in the upper 90s. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. You had lights in the bathroom with running water and flushing toilets. That place was the Hilton compared to some of the places I camped at in Canada.

cottage girl said...

Just the comment I was waiting for. I'm a princess. Just accept it.