October 16, 2009

the return

Since I've been complaining/whining about how my brother moved away for months now, I figured you, dear readers, deserved a happy photo like this. It's kinda crazy. The moment his car pulled up to the curb at the airport arrivals and I was greeted with his signature smile and wave, it was like the previous 6 months didn't exist. Yes, I made him give me a big hug. Yes, I was really excited!

I realized how blessed I am that I have a great relationship with both The Bro and my sister. We are pretty tight, as siblings go. Be sure we fought like crazy when we were little. Even now, The Bro and I can argue like the best of them. All in good fun though. If you can't antagonize and mess with your siblings, then who can you mess with, I ask?!

Love you, Bro. I'm so proud of you. Don't forget to use your fancy new job to help me meet all those famous people. I'm counting on you!

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Katie's Story said...

Man, I miss him! I so wish I could've been in that pic with you both!