October 19, 2009

night time

Crooked skyline Seattle. I LOVE the skyline view from Alki. This city...sigh...there is something so beautiful about it. So different from any East Coast city.

Camp fire. duh.

Firecracker gone bad. Just kidding. More camp fire.

It's funny looking through my photos and seeing the extreme difference between my SLR pictures and my point and shoot ones. They don't compare at all.

And speaking of point and shoot...
I got a new one. Canon SD780. I got it right before I left for my trip. My old Kodak finally gave out on me. It was well loved and even more well used. This new one was bought after MUCH debate and research. I come from a family who over researches any big purchase. Much time online checking out what is good, what reviews were given and what would work in my price range. I had to say "no" to several that I REALLY wanted, but couldn't justify spending almost as much for my point and shoot as I did for my D50.
Anyway, long story short, I really like my Canon. It's super small. Almost the exact same size as my cell phone. It can fit in my back pocket. That was the most important thing. My Kodak was just a little to big to carry every where. We'll see how the photos come out. As of now, I'm enjoying it!


Allison Drew said...

Oh dang. These make me want to take pictures SO BAD.

bedbyday said...

cool pics girl. Thanks for sharing.