December 11, 2009

Friday Finds

There were so many great things this week that I just had to share....

1,000 Houses. It's easy to get lost here for a good hour...or two. I'm kinda obsessed with abandoned houses. For instance, there was a whole entire military base that was shut down a while ago in one of my favorite beach towns in the South. It was heart breaking to drive by those huge chain-linked fences that surrounded dozens of houses boarded up and left to crumble. I've learned that a few years ago it was bought and refurbished and now used for housing again. There is just something magical about old abandoned houses. ps...I like how Mary explains it here.

I found this a while ago and just can't stop window shopping for it. So fun and different. Love.

Elsie had such fun posts this week. She is always inspiring me.

This scarf/cowl is so beautiful.

The Tim Walker/Tim Burton collaboration in Harper's Bazaar. Pure magic and weirdness.

The movie lists are up. And the plane tickets are bought. Oh, I think I may faint from excitement!!!

Tara's post on San Fransisco. What places feel like home to you? Some of mine are Seattle, Prince Edward Island, Hawaii and Vancouver. They just fit.

It was so hard not to buy something for me today in Kelly's shop update. Those cable bangles...oh, they were calling my name. SO beautiful!

I love the December Photo Project on Walk Slowly. Have you seen their new home?!

SO MANY good things on Flickr. Inspiration overload!

Current addiction: Grey's Anatomy on Netflix Instant and Lifetime. Plus, The OC on my lunchbreak on Soap Net. Why, oh why am I addicted to bad TV? It's like a drug.

Friday Night Lights. I just don't understand how this amazing show isn't the most award-winning and most watched show on television. This season has been so beautifully, heartbreakingly wonderful. If you've never watched, it should be on your Christmas wish list. This week, it was so moving and almost too close to my own life.

My favorite find this week was this. I can't tell you enough how much I adore this idea. And that video...incredible.

I'm sure there is more that I've forgotten, but that enough for now. Did you find anything great this week? If so, please share!!

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