December 12, 2009

Christmas finally came to the Cottage

We finally have our Christmas decorations up! My sweet, patient roommate had to wait for all the craziness in my life to calm down so we could go out and buy our little tree. After a few mishaps, here she is. Decorated and quite happy!

I always get so giddy when I pull out my decorations. It's like you forget what you have and they are all brand-new yet full of memories too. Sigh....nothing like the warm colorful glow of tree at night! (yes, we love colorful lights! Sorry all you white light purest.) This year, we found the most gaudy star to add to the top. Oh, my gosh, we LOVE it! It's exactly like the one my mom used to hang in the window of our house when I was growing up. The 70's/80's have returned.

This year I also put up my little pink tree.....

.....that I got a Target (for $2.50!!) a few years ago. I found some perfect little ornaments in complimenting colors (same price as the tree!). AND my roommate let me borrow a strand of pink lights that she had.

I just lovesss it!! There should be more pink at Christmas time, don't you think?!

There are also 2 more trees (little ones) around the house. It just makes it feel more cozy. Plus, I've had them forever and they bring back so many memories. One of them I bought my freshman year of college so I could have a tree in my dorm room. Such fun memories!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Allison Drew said...

I LOVE a pink tree during Christmas. I also a fan of your fun picture wall behind the tree. Cute.

Kaley said...

I had that same tree in silver in my classroom! I got the star ornaments though!

Katie's Story said...

Where in the world did you get the "frak" sign? Awesome!

cottage girl said...

I made it. Woodgrain contact paper is the bestest thing ever.

Audrey said...

My girls would die for your pink tree!!!! They have a little one like that only their room for a night light with little mini ornaments. BTW, We also have a colored light tree for our main tree and I have that same star...It's perfect!