December 17, 2009

give it away

Ok, I just feel like I NEED to this again each year. I know you could read back through any of the other times I've written things similar to this, but it can't hurt to remind everyone again, right?!!

Here are a few of my humble suggestions for GIVING this Christmas. Ways to HELP someone in need. Ways to look beyond my(your)self and see the world that Jesus calls us to SEE and LOVE.

And just so you know (and most likely already do if you have read my blog for any amount of time) I love orphan ministry. It's the burden God laid on my heart when I was little. So, most of the organizations I support are orphan based. I know there are many, many wonderful organizations that do other great works in the world. This is just the path that the Lord led me on.


1. Show Hope (Shaohannah's Hope)

Show Hope is an organization that cares for orphans. They give grants to Christian families that want to adopt, but need help with the funds it requires. They also have a special needs orphanage in China that opened this year. I've been supporting them for years and have been blown away with how they operate. They are doing a mighty work in the life of orphans around the globe. And their founders are Steven and Mary Beth Chapman, whom I simple think the world of.
Every month I get either an email or a post card with the story of a family that has been able to adopt because of a grant from Shaohannah's Hope. It's a crazy, God-filled story most of the time. And usually I finish the last sentence with tear filled eyes. How beautiful to see orphans placed in homes where they will learn about the love of Jesus!

2. Amazima Ministries

This one is new this year for me, but it has dramatically changed my life. I found Katie's blog though an adoption blog that I used to read. After hearing her story and seeing her heart, I instantly knew that I had to be involved. Amazima helps children in Uganda. The founder is a 21 year old girl who has adopted 14 little girls. Her organization helps feed, cloth, and educate hundred of children through sponsors. It's incredible. I could go on for hours about Amazima, but instead I suggest you read Katie's blog from the beginning. Be prepared could change your life forever.

3. Compassion
Every time I get a letter from my little sponsored child in Indonesia, I'm reminded of the important work that Compassion is doing. They get it. They do it right. This year I also got a letter from my sponsored child's pastor. Compassion believes in the ministry of the church and how important it is in the spiritual growth of their children. I love, love, love Compassion.

4. Living Hope International
I support a friend who is in China with her family working with Living Hope. Living Hope helps the orphans of China is so many different ways. They run orphanages. They teach English. They show orphans love. You can read more here. Those little faces will melt your heart.

5. An Orphan's Wish
I introduced you all to Janie a few weeks ago. I support her through An Orphan's Wish. This the newest organization that I've been involved with, but I really am loving how their organization works. I found them through another adoption blog I read. The author is the volunteer in charge of the clubfoot unit, so she posts about AOW often. AOW also has a blog, which shows pictures of the adorable orphans and the medical care they are receiving.
An Orphan's Wish helps special needs Chinese orphans. They help them get the medical care they need, so they can lead happy healthy lives. Some of them even go on to get adopted after their life changing surgeries. AOW lets you sponsor a child and directly impact their life. It's amazing!

I pray that God speaks to your heart about giving this year. And not that it has to be to one of these organizations. I'd love to see where He leads YOU! The most important thing is that we step out in faith and do what He asks. Maybe that money sitting in your bank account (which isn't yours anyway...sorry, but it's true) is the money He has set aside to feed one of Katie's children. His money is spread out all over the world in bank accounts of 1,000's of believers who are "saving it for a rainy day." I am totally guilty of that too. But stepping out and giving when we are called, giving when it doesn't make logical sense for our "savings" account, giving when we can't spare a single penny, that is where Jesus lives. That is where miracles are. That is where we see Him more clearly.

Are you ready to let Him lead you on a great giving adventure?!!

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