December 28, 2009

Warm winter adventure

I don't think it's any secret here that I hate the cold. Yuck. Give me warm/hot humid days and I will be happy as a clam. Cold, blustery days make me cry. Seriously. I hate the cold.

So today, I was that happy little clam all warm and toasty surrounded by 1,000's of these beautiful green growing delights.

First of all, I don't think we can ever say that things don't match when God puts colors and patterns together like this in nature. Crazy, no?!

Second, I think that indoor gardens are pretty much heaven on earth. Yes, heaven would be something just like this. Warm and full of growing beautiful things.
Here is a hint of where this spectacular place was. Can you see it?

Oh, to have full sized palm trees in your backyard even when it's 30 degrees outside that glass ceiling. I have decided that if God grants me wealth, I will build one of these and invite everyone over to ENJOY the winter days in warmth. We will have tea by the orchids and dessert by the ferns. Camp outs next to the water falls and reading time with the hibiscus. You would come, wouldn't you?

And of course, it's better to share an adventure such as this with friends. Here are a few of them.

I instantly wanted to put this in my pocket and run out the door. Then I realized that it was almost as big as the cottage. But still. I die...

Yes, friends, indoor botanical gardens in massive size are the way to go.
I'm moving in. And there is plenty of room for you, too.


Allison Drew said...

Come to Florida. It's about 70 here during the day. Ridiculous.

Also, these pictures are pretty magical.

Filia Dei said...

I SO want to go to the botanical gardens. I just can't get the kids and husband to agree.

cottage girl said...

Filia Dei - There were TONS of kids there when we went. I actually went with a 2 year old and she loved it. The train room is incredible! You should try it!

tp said...

oh my word- that picture of you with the green and the sunshine?!- my. heart.
i love the snippet of the capitol too...

cottage girl said...

T - Bethie H. took it. Thanks for always being so kind about my photos. That means a lot.
Oh, and I miss you. Come home already!