December 30, 2009

family photo

Took some quick pics (in about 5 minutes) of my sis and her family right before I left at Christmas. This was my favorite one. I like interaction photos so much more than "everyone look at the camera and" photos. They just seems more real.
Also love white garage doors that aren't in direct sunlight. My parents have the best one. Such great lighting!

Steal away, sis.


stephanie said...

this is a GREAT picture! I have been admiring evelyn's jumper for a few days now (ever since you posted the pic of her in it the other day) Oh how I wish i wasn't too old to wear jumpers and especially with my name monogrammed on the front! and why can't women our age wear ribbons and bows on our clothes? i also love sequins and glitter but those never seem to make it into the adult section either :) katie- you have a lovely family!

cottage girl said...

Same here, Steph. Same here. I resort to wearing bows and ribbons in my hair and just not caring what other people say!