December 20, 2009


I feel like my cottage is drowning me at the moment. Being stuck at home for 2 days is tough! Especially when there ARE several things I NEED to be doing. The snow didn't do much melting today. It's so deep that there were several cars stuck for a little while. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to get OFF THE PROPERTY and back into the civilized world tomorrow.

Also, my family starts coming into town tomorrow, which means my Christmas presents should be bought, wrapped and packed for their trip home. Uhhh....yeah....not really happening. Oh will all get done. And who really cares about presents anyway. As long as we'll all be together for a few hours.

Just love this promo shot from this season of Mad Men. Something highly un-nerving and yet so dashing about sitting in your office while it fills up with water. Love-idy love it. ....and Don Draper....

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