December 19, 2009

no, it hasn't stopped

Or slowed down, for that matter. It's almost snowing too hard to take my camera outside, but I just had to get some more pictures! I have no idea how much is out there, but my estimate is around 15 inches. Thankfully the wind has died down, so no power outages yet! Yippeee!

Here's some more for you to enjoy. I'm still watching it come down in the window behind my computer monitor. Crazy!

Silly snow is trying its best to come inside. Most of the screens in the house are covered in snow because of the wind. And the trees have piles of white all over them. It's so beautiful!

Our porch screens have done nothing to keep out the snow. It's just as snowy inside as out. Oh, well....

The river takes on a murky greyish tint when the sky is grey and the ground is white. Still so beautiful though.

Can you see the difference from the photos I took earlier?

There used to be a road out there. Won't be finding it anytime soon....

I've had to shovel our front deck every 2 hours just to keep up. It's coming down so heavily.

It's so hard to get a good photo of how deep it is. But it's actually up over the bottom railing of the fence. The wind has made a little pathway at the bottom where the slats are open.

In other news...I'm getting lots done in my little craft factory. My sewing machine doesn't seem affected by all this snow. Plus, the internet is working, so I'm catching up on Dollhouse. Only a few more fantastic episodes left before it says goodbye. Stupid cancellation.

Tonight, we are having a bunch of camp people over for dinner and a movie. It's not like we can go out to see Avatar. Drat. I'm dying to see it....

I'll try to post more, but it's getting dark, already. Dusk at 3:30. Uhhhggggg. Can't wait for longer days!

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Allison Drew said...

This is so insane to me... but then again, I've lived most of my life in Florida. I'm loving your pictures! Thanks for posting.