December 22, 2009

Ni hao, China!

Today, I went to see a little piece of China that was visiting the East Coast. I brought my roommate with me to enjoy it and my crazy family. She's actually known my brother in law for longer than I have. They were friends for years.

So we went into the big city for the afternoon/evening, taking the metro (fun), people watching at restaurants (even more fun) and bundled up against the cold and snow that is still EVERYwhere.

There were no photos allowed in the exhibit. But the giftshop....that was just fine of course. My niece decided that she liked my nice friend. Look at those rosy cheeks and blue eyes.

This was one of those replicas that they made so that we could touch and take photos. It was truly amazing, simply A-mazing how detailed and beautiful the Terra Cotta soldiers are. You just stare forever. They are ALL different. Faces, facial hair, hairstyle, clothes. And there are thousands (!!) of them. There were only a few here, but even still. It was awe-inspiring.

Hello, several thousand year old (replica) China man. Very nice to meet you.

It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it if it comes to a city near you!

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