December 14, 2009

watch while working

While I was doing most of my birthday crafty projects over the last few weeks, I've been watching The Lord of the Rings. Again. Extended versions. With the cast commentary ON. That's the only way I really watch the first one. Just love it.

I love Aragorn. He's so strong and true. And mysterious and dark.

And these two are hilarious. Mostly because they are so funny in real life, but still. I love them.

And this guy. He's magic on the screen. It seriously looks so real. I'm in awe every time I watch.

And what girl doesn't want to be Arwen. Sigh...she's so beautiful and graceful and in love.

But my absolute favorite story is that of Faramir. His story in the books is so much deeper and actually quite different from the movie. He is never tempted by the ring. He's true and brave. He's the underdog. And he ends up with his princess. I love their beautiful story. Wish it could have been told more in depth in the movies.

What have you been watching lately?


Kaley said...

Not that you care, but my favorites from LOTR's are Samwise Gamgee. I heart him. I hate that they amke him leave Frodo in the movies- he would NEVER do that!
AND I love the random elf sayings that Legolas blesses us with like " A red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night"

Filia Dei said...

I agree. I love the Faramir/Eowyn love story in the books. It made me a bit mad that Peter Jackson let him be prtrayed as swayed by the power of the ring. His lack of lust for power is what made him unloved and rejected by his father.

AND, I am a bit jealous that you went to see PW. I decided against dragging my poor husband 2 hours away just to meet a blog celebrity. I wish I could have sent my copy of the book with you.

Also, they had the white Christmas trees on sale at Target the last time I was in there.

Please don't be freaked out. I'm not a stalker. I'm Kaley's aunt and I enjoy reading your blog.

cottage girl said...

I forgot you loved LOTR as well Kaley!

Filia Dei (Kaley's aunt) HI! Welcome! Thanks for reading. I read that you can mail your book to PW and she will sign it and then mail it back. Check her blog.
Also, I learned on the cast commentary of LOTR that Peter Jackson felt that he had to make Farmir's character more interesting by making him be swayed by the ring. A truly good character is too boring on screen, I suppose. I happen to love that about him though.
Thank again for commenting!