December 31, 2009

Best of the year - TV

I love TV. I love lists. Here's mine for 2009.

(feel free to skip this entry if you are sick of my TV ramblings!)

Funniest new show.....Modern Family (I need watch each episode several times to truly get everything they cram into one episode. It's a genius of Arrested Development proportions)

Best series finale....Scrubs (these writers got it right. The last montage was one of the best EVER.)

Guilty pleasures....Gossip Girl (it's terrible, but I can't stop), Smallville (it's so ridiculous, but I can't stop watching), Rachel Zoe (so silly, freakin' addicting), Grey's Anatomy (I'm ashamed, yet hooked again after a 3 year break)

Guaranteed goosebumps with each viewing.....Glee (it's really ridiculous how happy I get when they burst into song.)

Best over-all show...Friday Night Lights (the cast, the stories, the anticipation from week to's got it all.)

Can't believe it's over and I miss it.....Battlestar Galactica (the ending wasn't perfect, but I liked it. Saying any more would give it away for those who are just now diving into it's wonder)

Slowly grew on me and got better with each episode.....Dollhouse (I'm now hooked and it's now canceled.)

Favorite characters....Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl - I miss him being bad, but still love him to pieces), Landry Clark (FNL - this actor is gonna be big one day. He steals every scene he's in. Funny and adorable all in one), JD (Scrubs - words cannot describe my love for this one. I think he may be my all time favorite character on TV ever. He can make me laugh and cry with just a look. love, love, love), Adama (BSG - You don't mess with him. But you fall in love with him all at the same time.), Archie Morris (ER - I seriously miss this character. MISS him. He was so wonderfully wonderful.)

Best soundtrack....Battlestar Galactica (no contest. it's THE best on TV. I'm listening to it right now.)

Best episode in a show I've stopped watching....The Office Wedding episode. (I've given up on The Office this year, but I've re-watched the wedding episode quite a few times. It may be my favorite episode of the entire show.)

Supporting characters that make the show....Chuck's Buy More employees. (I just adore this little show and how they lovingly support the nerds.)

Saved by Hulu viewing....Lost. (I like to wait until the season is over and watch it all together. Except this final season which starts in Jan. I'm sure I'll find out what happens at the end if I don't watch it live.)

Canceled, but not forgotten...Veronica Mars, The OC, Gilmore Girls, West Wing, Firefly, Arrested Development (I watch all of these often, and still be-moan their demise.)

Hello, old friends....ER. The revolving door of past cast members in it's final season. So well done.

Eye candy, complete with plot....Mad Men (I would watch it just for the costumes and sets, but this season's plot was the best of it's 3 seasons)

Stand alone hilarity....Man vs. Wild with Will Ferrell episdoe. ( I laughed so long and loudly.)

I'm sure there are about 100 other things, but that's enough for now.

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