November 07, 2007

Edward or Jacob

I sat down to just read for a half hour when I walked in the door from work. Only a half hour. I looked up and it had been an hour. By then I only had about 1/8th of the book left. Okay, just 30 more minutes and then I'll put it down and proof some pictures. I looked up at the clock when I thought 30 minutes was up. 1 more hour had passed.
Forget it. I just finished the book. So, friends who are waiting for their pictures, my apologies. It's totally Edward, Jacob, Alice and Bella's fault. Her choice was too overwhelming to put down and move on to the next thing. In fact, after I finished, I literally walked around my kitchen for a couple minutes because I couldn't think clear enough to decide what to eat for dinner (yeah, I hadn't eaten because of all the reading). I couldn't get the story out of my head.
The end wasn't as dramatic as my beloved Harry Potter's was (what could, honestly), but my goodness. I don't know how she chose. (and there is also one more book to come in Bella's world. i had to say goodbye to Harry forever. and that still chokes me up just writing it...)
Yes, I tend to get wrapped up in my books. When I was younger, I would literally almost raise my hand when my teacher asked for prayer requests, to give her the names of the characters I was reading about. I get lost in the stories....and I LOVE it.

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