July 01, 2008

my little students

I started teaching a photography class last week during my week of craziness. The summer director had asked me to teach one this summer for the campers. We decided to do it as a sign-up, extra activity in the evenings. I had 2 girls that really seemed to enjoy it.

It was kinda tough putting into words how my brain works when I take a picture. I'm almost completely self taught. I did take one class in college, but it was mostly developing rather than shot composition. I think that's really something that you learn by practice though. Taking 1,000's of pictures will only make you a better photographer. That and just looking at photos from photographers I admire.

So as I'm walking around with the kids and they have their cameras, I'm just soaking in all their ideas. The above shot (with processing by me) was on the second night of the class. The 2 girls that came back the second night asked to take more pictures. They were really starting to get the whole "rule of thirds" thing. It's so neat to see them take a picture a sign and not just make it a boring picture, but find a fun angle. They also started to watch where the light was and use it to their advantage.

Can't wait to see what my next class does tonight! Fun night ahead here are camp....

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