July 31, 2008


A brief advertisement for a product that has been wonderful for me lately.....

I was given this delightful soap by a friend not too long ago. I've been using it all summer on my my face.

I have highly sensitive skin (which I just discovered in the past few years after trying everything under the sun to get rid of my acne) and this is so gentle and light on it. It smells just delightful too. It's made from all organic natural ingredients, which makes me so much more at ease about using it rather than the other stuff I usually use which is full of chemicals, which I can't even pronounce. My skin has been so much happier and my acne has calmed down so much.

I recently ran out of it and went back to the old chemical filled stuff and what a horrible difference! The old stuff feels like I'm getting a chemical burn when I scrub it on my skin and my face is breaking out again. So, I quickly sent a email over the the little shop that makes the Black Honey Soap on Etsy. (It wasn't listed at the moment.) I just have to have more!

Just wanted to send along a little love for this little shop with so many other beautiful products. Give it a try!

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