July 22, 2008

Prom, Chapman's and photos

Tonight is Prom, so this will be quick. What is Prom? Well, I will tell you all about it later. Just know it's going to be one sweet party (as long as my roommates and I can stay healthy for it. Only one of us has managed to avoid the plague so far...).

Wanted to share this post from Jim about the Chapman's GMA taping. Since several of you have asked, I'll post a reminder when it airs in August. The impact that little Maria's life is having on the world is God-big. Beyond what we can think or imagine. I hope that GMA lets the Gospel be told bodly as they edit what the Chapman's said.

These pictures are ingrained in my brain. Most especially, the first one. I dream about it. I try to imagine what it would be like to take something like that and then be able to process it on Photoshop to make it pop like that. They are constant inspiration.

As for me, my life has been camp, camp, camp. I love it. Oh, I do. But this point of the summer always makes me want a free day to just sleep and recover from the constant exhaustion. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. The hot, the tired, the kids, the staff, the conversations. The fact that a little boy just lept over a railing to run to the snack shop line. (I just witnessed this outside my window, right now!). These things are all amazing.

I hope that each of you have something you are passionate about and believe in. Seeing God work on a daily basis is simple the best thing in the world...

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