July 23, 2008

pretty much the sweetest party ever (or this summer at least)

Prom Night was a HUGE success. I love, love, love how I can give our staff 3 words for the theme (high school prom) and they just run with it and create something so much more than I hope for. Costume parties are my favorite!

I'm probably biased, but I think the bro had the best outfit of the night (for guys). I wore an old bridesmaid's dress. My hair....well, it was HUGE. Just because it was fun.

Our cottage is small. With 70 people inside, it's TEENY TINY. But we had some great dancin'. What's a prom without dancing, I ask you?! Here's our living room filled to the brim with happy dancers.

Last dance for couples. Here are two very fine staffers displaying the proper middle school dance posture. Note my roomie in the back ground cleaning smoothie out of the carpet. It happens every year. Resolve is magic, I tell you!

The bro's "hot date" had the girls best costume on. They found their outfits at the Goodwill and what gems they were. This was their last dance of the night. Note her star jewels from the dollar store that her date brought her. What a guy.

It was HOT in there. About 80-85 degrees in our little house. We only have one air conditioner and it was no match for the amount of people that were there. But that didn't stop us. Oh, no. I love the faces in this one. Some singing along, some laughing, some with a dance face. I love a good dance party.

We had a super fantastic time and laughed a lot. What more can you ask for?!!


Gina said...

Wow. Looks soooo fun. How did you get your hair to so that? And I cannot believe the party didn't fall through the cottage floor.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about the floor. Too bad the Schock's weren't there to show those kids a thing or two..."Bust a move".