July 02, 2008


I really don't know what to post tonight. My mind has been going a million different directions today. And really WIDE directions too. I tend to over think things at times and this is definitely one of those times.

iron filled water in hair and on clothes...I wreak of iron all the time. My toilet, shower and sink are stained orange as well as my white clothes that were washed in said water.

adoption...China especially. No, make that 100% of the time. I dream about the orphanages. I dream about those little faces. I pray about this whole area of my life about a trillion times a day.

flying kites...we are making them in crafts this week. There is nothing sweeter than watching kids fly kites. Even the 13 year old girls revert to little kids running around with their kites flying high.

singleness...some days, it's easy. Some days, it just plain sucks.

The Beatitudes...reading The Jesus I Never Knew. If you have never read it, do it now. The chapter on the Beatitudes was today's reading and man, is it convicting. We are also discussing them in our staff Sunday meetings. And we talked about them in church this past Fall. Hmmm, think God is trying to stress something to me?

China...going there. the babies there. friends who will be going there to live. it's been consuming my thoughts.

family in Europe...my sister/bro-in-law/nephew are there. My parents are in a whole other country over there for 2 weeks. It's just me and the bro for the next 2 weeks. It makes me want to find him when he comes home from work every day and just make sure he's still here. I NEED to see him.

food that is making me feel yucky...for the past few days, I have just not felt great. I realized today that it's the food I've been eating. I'm pretty good about what I eat normally. At camp, I have to eat what's available. And while our camp food is good (for camp food), I'm am desperately missing my tons of veggies. I have to stop eating so much junk!

The Chapman's...this post (and this one) just makes me weep for them. My heart is still so very burdened for them so many, many times through out the day.

alarm clock...the one I bought (and have had) for my first year away at college finally died this morning. I don't know why this made me sad. Not like I really LIKE my alarm clock.

sleep...I'm tired. My body is feeling the 12 hour days. And I'm learning, again as I do every summer, to rely on God for my strength each day.

chapel...I went to our junior (7-10 yr olds) chapel tonight. One of my friends was helping out the speaker. She's amazing at creating characters and acting them out for the kids. I was laughing so hard! The kids loved it too. We were talking about the story of Daniel (which I just finished reading my own devo's. again, God is pounding on me!)

prayer...trying to be better and doing it through out the day. For the counselors, for the kids, for my friends and family, and for me too.

God...it's just amazing that He loves me. Don't you every just feel in awe of the love that is bestowed upon you every day?!!

Okay, that's enough for now. There are a ton more, but time marches on and to bed I go.

Good night and good luck, my dear readers!

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