July 16, 2008

'tis the season

This week is Christmas in July week at camp. We try to have everything revolve around the Christmas theme in one way or another. It's pretty amazing to walk around camp and witness things like:

  • Crafts this week are making Christmas ornaments for the tree set up at the snack shop. We are also making snowflakes to decorate the gym on Friday.
  • The day camp programming coordinator's name and character for the week is George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life). On Monday he was singing, over the megaphone while the kids were doing their morning game, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." Verse and chorus.
  • The over-night programming coordinators character names are The Keebler Elf and Sprinkles.
  • On Friday, the Big Event is a Christmas pageant. Everyone is performing a song from The Sound of Music. I can't tell you how many times I have walked around camp this week and heard the sounds of "How do you solve a problem like Maria" or any of the rest of the songs. It's a dream come true for this girl who loves musicals.
  • Kids are singing Christmas carols around camp as they walk from place to place.
It's really quite wonderful. Christmas without all the stress. Everyone should have Christmas in July with no presents.

***the above photo is part of my adorable little craft room that I don't really get to use because it's too small to fit all of my campers in at the same time. I fixed up anyway and made it quite cozy in the deep, dank basement. I decided to cover the back of one of the shelves with some of my favorite paper to liven the room up a little. I love how it turned out! It sits below a counter top that holds the computer we use for photography class. The kids sit on stools to edit their pictures, hence the pair of legs in the shot.

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Katie's Story said...

Where is this? It's not the basement of the farm house, is it? It looks, um... nicer than I remember is being. :) Oh, and you did a great job on the shelves. Very colorful! Glad you're feeling better.