July 08, 2008

TV diet

As you can see from the image above, I have not watched TV in quite a while. I've had my Netflix DVD since June 16th. And, yes, it is still not watched (entirely). The DVD has 5 episodes and I've only seen 3.

Part of the problem is that our TV died. I can only watch DVD's on my computer.

The other part of the problem is that I just don't really feel inclined to watch TV when I'm this busy. I'd rather read or check up on blogs or play on Photoshop or, let's be honest, SLEEP. I'd much rather sleep.

However, this weekend, I AM planning to plunk down 10 buckaroo's to see The Dark Knight. And I will go see the new X-Files movie in a couple weeks.

That seems like more than enough at the moment.

Now, when all the fun shows start back up in Sept. I'm sure I'll be right back on the bandwagon. But for now, I'll bury my nose in The Appeal and read some more China adoption stories. That sounds so much more relaxing.

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