July 04, 2008

Friday finds

Hula Seventy went on a trip and has amazing pictures to show for it. More pictures here too. This one is an instant fave. She is so inspiring to me.

This may only be interesting to me, but I love it when worlds collide. Two bloggers I enjoy met up with each other.

Kinda wish I was celebrating the 4th with PW. She is makin' some yummy treats! And they have a big show too.

This post made me laugh. Seriously, can their picture get any more amazing!

That's it for the moment. Happy 4th to all of you that get to celebrate this holiday of our nation. I am spending my 10th year in a row working with our lovely campers. Wow, 10 years without a 4th of July BBQ. That's crazy to think about.....

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