July 07, 2008

dress up

I found some more lovelies in lizarietz's shop on Etsy. And her website is so fun too.

I am in love with this dress. I have a slight addiction to 20's flapper clothes. The yellow tights are just perfect. And the hat that I covet.

Isn't this just lovely! The ruffles. The white. Oooo, I just love it.

Do you ever wonder what your style would be like if you weren't hindered by $$. Yes, I know that clothing is just to cover yourself. To spend ridiculous amounts of money on it is silly. I know. But it's fun to think about it as an art form, isn't it? I love the 20's and the outfits in Jane Austen movies and Marie Antoinette. But I also love emo, a little gothic and thrift store/vintage, too. Or just about anything from Anthropolgie. And then Japanese street fashion too. Such a weird mix.


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RaCeQu said...

two words...

j. crew.

(well, i guess technically one letter and one word, but whatever=)