July 15, 2008

my life is camp

Loved hearing all of your thoughts on the last post. You just never know what God has for you, huh? Thanks for sharing. (tp: I love being your neighbor too!)

Today has been SO VERY busy. CRAZY parents on the phone, tons of mail to sort, crafts to teach, photography class to teach. 11 hour day "at the office" with a camp-wide party tonight from 9:30-midnight. (We have to have parties late so that the counselors can come after their kids go to sleep.)

Off to play in "the corn hole tournament of the world."

***photo taken while I was teaching photography class tonight. Isn't just beautiful here?! I never, ever get tired of the view here. Never.

*****listening to Jeremy Larson's new song "Exposition" today. Sighhhh. I enjoy him.

*******I really love you, my dear readers. You brighten my days in ways you'll never know.


The Littlest Birdie said...

you don't know how lucky you are! i want to be you! you are so amazing ap! love hannah

Anonymous said...

that picture is awesome. Very cool.