July 05, 2008

I want that....

I did a little window (online) shopping today. Etsy is like a dangerous black hole that sucks me in for hours if I let it. I spend most of that time trying to convince my self that I "need" this or that. I didn't buy anything (yet), but I was very, very close. Thought I should at least share some of the fun stuff with you. If you have never shopped Etsy before, well, hop on over there now and dive in. It's a wonderland of uniqueness!

Shop: elsiecake
(this won't be available till Monday, but I got a sneak peek on her blog)

Shop: lizarietz
Isn't this hat to die for?! It's straight out of the 20's.

I must have these for my living room.

Shop: johnwgolden
So fun. Perfect for a little kid's room, don't you think?!

Shop: TickledPinkKnits
So very far from my price range, but isn't just gorgeous! I would wear it with everything.

Shop: perhaps
There are so many prints that I love on Etsy. This one looks so warm and cozy, don't you think?

This last one isn't from Etsy, but it's too adorable not to share. I found her on Flickr. You can buy her adorable creations here. Plus she lives in one of my favorite places in the wide world.

Now remember...you don't NEED anything. But it's fun to look!

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