July 25, 2008

numbers 1 thru 10

I know a lot of people didn't like The Village, but something about it makes me watch it over and over. I just love it. The colors. The costumes. The soundtrack. It's full of violins, which are my favorite. My very favorite piece is in this scene at the moment where Lucius grabs Ivy's hand. I play it over and over (yes, it is yet another of the instrumental soundtracks I own). I watched it again the other night and was stuck again by how beautiful it is even if the story is just so-so.


I am currently reading this book. The original by J.M. Barrie. The story has always been one of my favorites. When I saw Big Ben in real life a couple years ago, all I could think of was Peter Pan. Just a couple weeks ago I bought this which is FULL to the brim of Neverland goodies. Last night I was hanging some of them up and decided this will be my next book to read. It is beautifully written. How have I missed this for so long?!! The movies are fantastic, but not the same. Plus, the little kit I bought gave me the best idea for a new creation!

3. I'm not the only one who had fun at the prom. Check out this!

I will confess that I didn't order this on Amazon because I realized that they are MAILING it on the day it comes out and then I have to WAIT 3 more days till it gets here. No, thank you. I'm off to the store on August 2nd to snatch one off the shelves and begin reading it immediately!
I am such a book nerd. I am. I admit it and am not ashamed. I have to know what happens to Bella. (p.s. I think the movie is going to be a disappointment. Even the previews don't hold a candle to what my imagination created. I don't want to spoil that world with someone else's images.)

5. We only have 2 weeks left of camp. Now begins the depression that will last until the end of August. It creeps in slowly and then slams me upside of the head once everyone leaves. I'm trying my hardest to live in each moment and savor them all. I'm going to miss so much from this summer, and I just know that many of the staff won't be back next year. Stupid change. It's one of the things that I will never get used to in this type of ministry. Never get used to and NEVER like.

6. I think there is a snake living in our cottage. I found a snake skin on our bathroom floor today. I almost freaked out in a major way. No sighting yet, but I'm on pins and needles all the time.

7. I miss Luke. A lot.

8. Air Jam is tonight. I will be a butterfly doing interpretive dance. Yes, you read that correctly.

9. Is it time for vacation yet? I'm ready. Really, really ready.

10. I have 24 hours off this weekend. I'm not going to waste it being sick this time. No, sir.

Happy weekend everyone. Do something fun for me and tell me what it is so I can vicariously live through all of your summer holidays.


Tiffany said...

i bought the first stephanie meyer book...haven't started it yet, but hope to soon! hope to get back to blogging soon, also! gina's on me about that one! : )

Diana said...

Chuck E. Cheese's!!!! Jospeh's Bday party. It was a blast until Jake hit some girl upside the head. Oh yes, that's my son.

Where you vacationing after camp?