December 11, 2008

10 favorite TV characters of 08

Taking a cue from my favorite TV critic/columnist I'm going to indulge in a long post about TV as the year comes to the end. Why? Cause it's my blog and I like TV and it sounds like fun. Feel free to skip this post if you just can't stomach another rambling post about television and my obsession with it. I won't be offended, promise...

Like TV Gal, I'm going to pick my 10 favorite TV characters of 2008. Here we go (in no particular order)...

1. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) In my opinion, Chuck makes the show. I can't take my eyes off the screen if he is on it. He's funny, horrible, has the craziest fashion and makes all of that "cool." You can't help rooting for the jerk when he's Chuck Bass.

2. Morgan Grimes (Chuck) His crazy antics, yet sweet and caring heart make him one of the best friends any guy could ever have. Lucky Chuck. Truthfully, I could insert the entire supporting cast on Chuck in this spot. Ellie, Capt. Awesome, Jeff, Anna and Lester (I dearly love him too). They all make the show. Each one is hilarious in his/her own way.

3. Archie Morris (ER) I have to admit that he was one of my least favorite characters on the show when he began several years ago. Now, I can't get enough of him. He can be funny with out being the annoying "comic relief" character. His personal story has taking such a nice warm turn as we are able to see him as more of a person and not just a doctor. I'm going to cry buckets when I have to say goodbye to him at the end of this season.

4. Jim Halpert (The Office) There are lots of characters to love on this show, but Jim is my favorite. His ability to portray just about any emotion with just one look (and no words) at the camera is magic.

5. Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights) I was never really a fan of Kyle Chandler until I became hooked on FNL. Coach Taylor is so very human. I love the small moments on the show that let him shine as an actor. Scenes like throwing the football to Matt in the street, telling his wife that they can't afford her dream house, making coffee in the morning while watching his infant daughter on the counter. Chandler's ability (like Jim) to say so much with out using very many words is a perfect case for the right actor in the right place.

6. Liz Lemon (30 Rock) Sometimes I see myself in Liz Lemon (it's almost impossible to say her name without saying first and last name together). Tina Fey has come into her own in this role. Season 2 she was shining bright amidst a cast full of scene stealers. Liz Lemon is the reason I watch 30 rock.

7. Admiral Adama (Battlestar Galactica) The scene when he finds out that one of the final 5 Cylons is someone he deeply loves is a perfect example of why he is so great. I would follow Adama to Earth and beyond any day. I still can't believe I got to see him in person last year!

8. J.D. (Scrubs) I think Zach Braff is adorable, so I admit my bias. But the best part of JD is how funny he can make any situation. Funny, yet in the next scene he can bring me to tears. The writing in this show is brilliant, but without Zach as JD, it just wouldn't have the same zing.

9. Sarah Tancredi (Prison Break) Evidence of how much she makes the show: She wasn't on last season and I didn't watch. Her character adds so much to the most important character on the show, Michael. She makes even a silly season with minimal story worth watching.

10. John Casey (Chuck) Adam Baldwin is so very perfect for this role. In my humble opinion, this character could be absolutely ridiculous and ruin the whole dynamic if it had been cast wrong. Thankfully, Casey can pull off the gruff, mean, sarcastic man with perfect ease.

11. Seth Cohen (The OC) Now this is a bonus because The OC has been off the air for a couple years now, but I just discovered it this year. There is no better character on that show. I can't even take how funny and adorable he is. I just HAD to include him on my list.

Alright, enough for today. I was feeling all TVeeey. There may be more of these posts to come before the year is over. Just to warn you!

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stephanie said...

Liz Lemon? REALLY? i've only watched the show a couple times cause i just can't get into seems so strange to me...that jenna girl is especially annoying (i think that's her name...the long haired blonde one)...but i do like kenneth:) anyway...i would have never pegged you as anything like liz lemon! so you must tell me what you see of yourself in her! i do like how alec baldwin always seems to call her by both names.