December 17, 2008

stupid sickness

Last month, I began asking my dear sweet baby brother what he wanted for his birthday. Then I got the idea to take him to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their Christmas show, which comes into town only once a year. He has wanted to see it for years, and it's something that I wanted to see too.
I mentioned it while I was at home for Thanksgiving and my parents wanted to get in on the action. We bought the tickets that night and all of us were excited to go!

Flash forward....

On Saturday, I was working. My nose started running and I got that "I think I may be getting a cold" feeling. It wasn't too bad though. I was able to work. I watched Wall*E and laid on the couch during the breaks between meals (that's camp speak for break from work). I finished up work for the day around 7pm and came home. By then breathing was about impossible, so I took some cold medicine and crawled into bed lucky enough to find It's A Wonderful Life (my favorite Christmas movie and possible plain old movie of all time) on TV.

And then it got ugly. I could not for the life of me fall asleep. The cold medicine didn't really help. My eyes were watering like crazy. My throat was dry. And sleep was taunting me. I tried watching TV again (SNL is NOT funny anymore). I read. I laid on my pillow for hours watching hours pass by. After the 6 hour mark (about 4am), the medicine wore off and I got even worse. So I decided to just go ahead and take more cause I already couldn't sleep.

Then Sunday morning would hope that a new morning would be like it is on those sleep commercials with birds chirping and the breeze fluttering through the curtains. Mine instead was coughing and the realization that I now had a fever. I called to tell my brother that I wouldn't be going to church. Instead I laid in my bed and watched the service on webcam. Now, that was pretty cool. It was like I was there except I was really up to my chin in blankets freezing and achy. But the sermon was great!

It only got worse from there. I usually run pretty high fevers when I get one, so this one was most likely up in the 102-103 degree range. (my thermometer broke the last time I had a fever and still haven't bought one. oops...). I couldn't get out of bed without getting light headed. Even walking to the bathroom was a chore.

I realized that I was going to have to call my brother and tell him that I couldn't go to see Trans-Siberian with him. Nope, I would be stuck in bed sick, sick, sick. That was a tough phone call to make. I had been looking forward to this for so long and now....disappointment. He was able to find a friend to take my ticket and he and my parents had a wonderful time.

I was stuck in bed. Being sick sucks. But being sick and missing out on cool stuff like concerts sucks even more. Thankfully, the fever only lasted until the next day. It wasn't even the flu or anything serious. It's just that it had to happen on that particular day. I just had to whine about it a little bit. All is better now. Or almost all better. Better enough to function.

And that is my Sunday from Hades story...

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