December 16, 2008

Zip and the day is gone

Where did the day go?

  • Being gone for a week and coming back to a piled high desk at work. Craziness with a helping of insanity on the side for fun.
  • Christmas baking
  • Catching up on a delicious episode of FNL with The Bro (he's my Direct TV connection). Oh, my gosh this show is the best thing on TV right now.
  • Listening to Sweeney Todd for free on my 14 days of free Zune Pass. This happened whilst doing a hodge podge of chores and things of that sort. ps....I heart my Zune. Yes, I do.
  • Trying to finally get rid of this plague that has, well, plagued me for the last few days.
  • Re-visiting Stars Hallow with my roomie. We may have watched a few/several/many episodes while baking. She is just now discovering it's magical addiction. I'm happy to re-visit at any time, of course!

I promise there will be pictures of niece and nephew in abundance. There will be an explanation of that Sunday, bloody Sunday. And of course more fun and excitement than a list of what Cottage Girl did today. I just need to catch up a bit. Friday, maybe? Life doesn't really slow down during December does it?

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