December 21, 2008


I found this blog the other day and have not been able to get it out of my head.

Amazima Ministries (Katie's blog)

Are you ready to have your world shaken? Cause reading this blog may do so.

Read this post. And then, at the end, make sure you read how old she is. One of the previous youth pastors at our church said something a couple years ago that stuck with me and it seems to apply here.

"I believe they (teenagers) are the present of the church. I don't think they are 'the future.'
I don't think we are PREPARING them (teenagers) to do great things for God. I think we can equip them NOW to do great things for God."

Now, I'm not longer a teenager and haven't been for a while, but I think that I use this philosophy in my life way too often. How often do I think that I have to wait until I'm older or married or settled to dive into a new adventure with God?

He is looking for willing participants in this life that He offers. Am I taking steps to find out what that means in my life? Am I open to His leading even if it means some fear and trembling? I'm sad to admit that many times I am not. I fear that He may choose to teach me through pain. I fear that He may choose to take something from me that I hold dear and that I won't be able to bear it. My fear makes me say, "I'm fine where I am, Father. I'm learning right here. No need to take it any further." How that must break His heart! To hear His children say no to the adventures (complete with blessings) that He wants so desperately to give them.

I have much to learn and much to give in this life. Sometimes I am humbled by my selfishness to keep everything safe and easy. I'm trying to be brave and pray that He will give me courage to step out and join Him wherever He may lead. I want Him to use me as He sees fit and not hold so tightly to this earthly life that I have.

Again, please read the blog linked above. It really is inspiring!

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