December 28, 2008

I decided to do a little decorating...

A new table for writing, eating and planning.

The front door of absolute protection.

This delightful new tub for soaking away my worries.

A phone complete with speaker system for making daily announcements to my roommate.

Desk of importance for my office with paper included for penning inspired thoughts.

A tool box for all my craft supplies.

A little artwork for the walls.

Chairs for the living room with tray included for eating while watching TV.

A helmet
to go with the bike I got for Christmas.

Some patches to make my favorite hoodie a little more interesting.

New jewelry
and watch for going out on the town.

I guess I would need the hottest dress around to really enjoy a night out.

And last, but not least, a new way to to get around in style.

Yes, I have infinite funds to acquire said items. Everyone does in the world of make-believe.

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